Kids Coding 兒童程式設計課程

Kids Coding A4

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「Kids Coding兒童程式設計」課程利用美國麻省理工設計的編程軟件Scratch,指導學生從積木組織的設計語言出發,學習應用,啟發創意,鍛煉小朋友的邏輯思維和提昇多角度解決問題能力!

歡迎致電查詢:(853) 2832 2429
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Schedule for our new 「Kids Coding」 courses in Taipa are now available.
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) created Scratch to help kids
learn how to code by introducing them to basic computer programming.
「Kids Coding」aims to train Up students’ creative and Logical Thinking, in the end strengthen their Problem Solving skill.
Feel free to contact us to check suitable timeslots for you.
You will enjoy up to 10% discount if you bring ONE more friend with you. Don’t miss this chance!

Tel:(853) 2832 2429
WhatsApp / WeChat: (853) 6266 2116
Our address: Complexo de Serviço de Apoio à Juventudee Família Pou Tai

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